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  • God Gives You Second Chances, Sometimes

    This is truly a great story my friend Justin Snow contributed to The Jersey Effect. He tells of a decision one night that changed his life forever. Here’s what he wrote: It was a Friday night. I was driving my black Escalade. And I had two other Colts players in the SUV with me, along […]

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  • Is Your Mentor’s Influence Life Changing

    The question I ask in the title of this post is very important because the mentors you choose should be life changing, and their influence should be transcendent. In the same way, you should be having a positive influence on those who you are mentoring. Remember, the people you surround yourself with are either impacting […]

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  • A Hectic Offseason, How Football Grew Bigger than Virtue

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this offseason, it’s this: Keeping football in its proper perspective is a struggle in this country. It’s more than a struggle, actually. I’d argue it’s an epidemic. There was the “Bountygate” scandal with the New Orleans Saints, where in-game performance and money became more important than the NFL’s […]

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  • What Is Your Life’s Work

    In my book, The Jersey Effect, I asked Tony Dungy to weigh in with his thoughts on our purpose and mission in life. Previously, we posted here about his four pillars of growth. But in his chapter, he reveals much more. What’s interesting is how we start this chapter by Coach Dungy. The opening line, […]

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  • A True Picture of Life and The Jersey

    From where I sit in my study I can see many pictures. There’s one of an old F-16 with a Colts horseshoe painted on its tail taking its final flight. It was flying over Lucas Oil Stadium. The picture was given to me by the pilot and snapped by his wingman just a few yards […]

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